Officials, residents want speed limit reduced on Route 28 in Herkimer


HERKIMER, N.Y. (WKTV) - Local politicians have joined forces with a group of Herkimer residents who are calling for a reduction of the speed limit on Route 28.

In response to the concerns, the State Department of Transportation has agreed to conduct a traffic study of the area, which is the first step to reducing the speed limit.

"Since their last study 11 years ago, there has been increased traffic and increased development in the neighborhood, so we are hoping those factors will lead the DOT to lower the speed limit and the elimination of a passing zone," said Senator Seward.

Dawn Kucerak lives on Willis Ave in Herkimer, right off of Route 28, and says the current 55 mile per hour speed limit on the highway needs to be reduced to 45 mph for safety's sake.

"Every time you come up Route 28 to go home, you have to look in the back mirror to make sure they are going to stop and sometimes they don't stop and they go around you," said Kucerak. "You are supposed to have a right of way. So we need to do something."

Kucerak's husband was in a very serious accident on Route 28 a few years ago. Thankfully, he has fully recovered, but Kucerak says she will continue advocating for this cause to prevent accidents in the future.

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