Officials say man killed on Route 20 may have intentionally laid in the road

By WKTV News

(WKTV) - A Brooklyn man killed when he was run over on State Route 20 on Monday may have intentionally laid in the road, the Oneida County Sheriff's Department said on Friday.

Donald J. Holley, 62, was visiting Waterville when he left a home on Newberry Road on Monday morning. According to witnesses, who drove the road on Monday morning, Holley could be seen standing on a driveway for more than 20 minutes. The driveway is just over a hill and curve on Route 20, about a mile from the home where Holley was staying.

A witness said Holley then laid across the right lane of eastbound Route 20, face down with his jacket over his head. Based upon the investigation and information received, officials say Holley intentionally laid down in the road waiting to be struck.

Officials believe the first vehicle that struck Holley may not have realized what was hit. A second vehicle then struck Holley a second time. The operator of the second vehicle stopped and called 911.

Anyone who was traveling Route 20 in the Waterville or Town of Sangerfield area who may have struck or seen an unknown object in the roadway at the time is asked to contact the Oneida County Sheriff's Office at 765-2208.

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