Old schoolhouse moved, restored in German Flatts


GERMAN FLATTS, N.Y. (WKTV) - It ain't your parents' school.

It might not even be your grandparents' school, but pretty soon, you can get a gander at it.

A 1860s, one-room school house has been moved from the hills of German Flatts to the town park on Route 5S.

Thanks to many donations from people and businesses in the community that want to keep history alive, it's being refurbished and returned to its original condition and Town Supervisor Frank Spatto says the hope is that it'll actually be used as a school again.

He says the most important lesson he hopes it will teach is that life wasn't easy back then.

"It wasn't always easy," Spatto said. "Life was tough in this area. You came to school, you hauled the water, there was an outhouse, there's none of the fine facilities, electricity, all that."

Spatto hopes local schools will hold classes in the school house.

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