Oldest living Whitesboro graduate honored as she gets ready to turn 103

NEW HARTFORD, N.Y. (WKTV) - Turning 100 years old is an achievement for anyone, but on Friday, a local woman honored by her alma mater has the distinction of turning 103 on Christmas Day.

Wanda Rishel is a Whitesboro native who graduated form the school district in 1927. As she gets ready to start her 103rd year, the Whitesboro School District honored their oldest living graduate with a luncheon on Friday.

"When I have to put my birthday down on a thing, people pick it up and say, 'are you sure?'" joked Rishel. "I say, 'i guess so. i was there.'"

The special pre-birthday luncheon was held Friday at Red Lobster in New Hartford. While some may slow down as they get older, Rishel is still full of life, something she attributes to taking things as they come.

"Just live a normal life day for day," she advised. "Enjoy life as much as you can. Go as much as you can. I used to love to travel."

She says that no one in her family, other than herself, has lived past 89 years old, and she still lives independently.

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