One local health care navigator declares success

By WKTV News

(WKTV) - In the Mohawk Valley, two sites named as navigators have helped residents through the enrollment process.

One of those sites, ACR Health says the process has been successful. The group says they have helped 4,000 applicants in nine counties.

A large influx of people were actually eligible for Medicaid and didn't know it. ACR Health also said many recent college grads called on a navigator because they weren't sure if they should stay on their parents insurance or go off on their own.

And while midnight Tuesday is the hard deadline to enroll, ACR says there's a little wiggle room.

"March 31st has been known as the official deadline to enroll for qualified health plans," said Emily Lajoie, a navigator with ACR. "But people who have started an application or have tried to make an appointment -- we can see until April 15. And their coverage will begin on May 1."

To contact a navigator, call ACR Health at 475-2430 or Mohawk Perinatal Network at 732-4657.

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