One month later: Family of Tupper Lake missing teen still searching


TUPPER LAKE, N.Y. (WKTV) - It's been a month since anyone has seen or heard from a Tupper Lake teenager. Colin Gillis disappeared after leaving a gathering on March 11th in the area of Route 3 and Paskungameh Road. The law enforcement search for him has been called off, but his family isn't giving up hope.

"It's been overwhelming this past month..all of the things that people have done for us." Lyndon Gillis has not spoken to his brother in more than five weeks. He remembers making plans to meet up with him in Utica- but then Colin disappeared.

"It's tough to go through everyday but the family and the friends, the support group. they're just..they're great. everybody is pushing for us...and praying for us and that's what really keeps us going."

Twenty-four hours after the 18-year-old vanished, hundreds of volunteers joined State Police and officials from the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation. They scoured miles of land and water in the Tupper Lake region, looking for any sign of Colin. "New York State has been at our disposal. Every resource they had...we had. And that's an amazing feeling to have that kind of support from the state," said Lyndon Gillis.

A few of Colin's personal belongings were recovered but there were few clues as to where the Brockport student had gone. Now, a month later, his family and friends are still going out and continuing their search. So far-- they've come up empty. "I feel like I can't do anything and it's the worse feeling in the world." But Lyndon is doing what he can. He's created a Facebook page, trying to get as many people as possible familiar with his brother's face and his story. "The Facebook page has been unbelievable. It's just blown this thing right out of the water...which is what I had wanted from day one. Just get his name out there..his picture out if somebody sees his face they'll remember it and say ..I gotta remember that face and if they see him, they'll know him"

The family has also produced posters with Colin's picture. It's a photo that was actually taken the night Colin disappeared. Family members are offering a $10,000 reward.

If you have any information about where Colin is -- give State Police in Ray Brook a call at (518) 897-2000.

The Facebook page is called "Bring Colin Gillis Home"

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