Oneida County Election Commissioners still left with 2,600+ ballots to sort through

DECISION 2010 (WKTV) - Despite most of the races being done, the Oneida County Board of Elections must count all the absentee ballots that come in.

The staff will spend the next few weeks counting those 2,600+ ballots.

Election Commissioners say ballot counting is a long process because it is all done by hand, and every race must be looked at.

"We read the entire race(s), we don't just read the congressional race or the Sheriff's - the whole ballot gets read from the Governor down to the Coroners," said Pamela Mandryck, the Oneida County Republican Commissioner.

Mandryck says she expects the process to last two weeks, just in time for the board to receive the military absentee ballots.

One race still too close to call is the Oneida County Clerks race.

As of this writing, Incumbent Democrat Sandra DePerno holds a 2,200 vote lead over Republican Anthony Falchi.

There are 2,262 absentee ballots left to be counted.

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