Oneida County Family Court candidates prepare for Democratic Primary

By WKTV News

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) -- It's a tough job with a heavy work "over" load and often emotional clients.  And sometimes, the whole system gets a bad rap. Yet there is not shortage of candidates who want to be Oneida County's fourth family court judge.  Four candidates square off in two primaries Tuesday.

Democrat Dawn Catera Lupi advocates for children in Oneida County Court as First Assistant District Attorney. She says making the leap from the prosecutors podium to the Oneida County Family Court bench wouldn't require much of a leap of faith.

"I think my experience in the District Attorneys Office dealing with child abuse cases, dealing with domestic violence cases, I think that gives me a different persective of the things that go on in family court every day," says Lupi.

As confidential attorney to a family court judge, Democrat Karen Stanislaus works in family court every day, doing research for cases and sometimes writing decisions.  Hers would be a seamless transition, says Stanislaus.

"I would not have to become acclimated to the environment because I've been in it for 15 years and because of that I really know what I'm getting into I truly do and I do love what I do believe it or not, even though it's very contentious," says Stanislaus.

Lupi is on the Democrat andWorking Families lines in Tuesday's primary. She has to win one in order to have a place on the ballot in the general election. 

Stanislaus will be on the ballot in November regardless of the outcomes of those races; she's unopposed on the Independence line.

Republicans John Dillon and Julia Brouillette square off in that primary on Tuesday.


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