Oneida County Flu cases on the rise

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - The number of flu cases is growing daily in Oneida County. On Thursday, there were 562; by Friday, 633 people were afflicted.

The county health department is stepping up to help people protect themselves by adding a flu shot only clinic Friday afternoons for the month of December. There was just a handful of people for the first one on Friday November 30. But county health officials say that doesn't mean that people aren't concerned with prevention.

"Members of this community can receive a flu vaccination from multiple sources," Public Health Educator Jesse Orton.

Marlene Duniec was at the health department for her annual shot.

"I do it every year, I feel it's a good healthcare practice. I've worked with different physicians in the area and they always feel that it's bettr for you if you do receive it," says Duniec.

Dr. Mohsin Syed, an Internist with Slocum Dickson, says as many as 30% of his patients have flu symptoms. He fears the season's peak will come at the most unfortunate time.

"What they are suggesting is probably next month around Christmas season it's going to peak which is when most people meet with each other and that's how they're going to transmit it," says Syed.

Health experts say the flu shot and frequent, thorough handwashing are the best ways to protect yourself from the flu.

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