Oneida County Legislator David Gordon introduces 'Levon's Law'

By Gary Liberatore

Jevon Wameling will be sentenced in January to seven-and-a-half  to 15 years in state prison after telling police he put his 9-month-old son Levon's body in a travel bag, filled it with rocks and dumped it into the Mohawk River.

Wameling pleaded guilty this past Wednesday to manslaughter in exchange for that agreed-upon sentence.

Wameling had told police before that, that Levon fell off the couch, struck his head and died, and once he noticed him, instead of telling anyone, he dumped his body.

Wameling did tell someone two weeks after he dumped his son's body, but the story he gave to police and everyone else at that point was that Levon had disappeared of the family's porch, two weeks prior.

Oneida County Legislator David Gordon says as soon as he heard that initial story, that Jevon didn't report his child missing for two weeks, he decided to look into some possible legislation to make it a felony whenever a parent doesn't report their child missing in a more "timely" manner.

Under the legislation, If the child is under 4, parents only have one hour to report him or her missing.

If the child is 5 to 8 years old, it's three hours, 9 to 15 years old, parents have to report it within 12 hours, and 16 to 20 years old, they would have 24 hours.

Oneida County Executive Anthony Picente says he fully supports the idea behind the law, but the actual legality of it has a long way to go before it could ever be brought up for a vote.

Gordon has submitted the legislation to the Oneida County Board of Legislators, now it must be put through committee before it could come up for a vote.

But as you heard the county executive, that might not happen until it is revamped.

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