Oneida County Sheriff hopes Governor Cuomo will address the concerns of sheriffs statewide


ORISKANY, N.Y. (WKTV) - The New York State Sheriff's Association supports some of the segments of Governor Cuomo's New "NY Safe Act" but it also has some concerns.

The NYSSA met last week for a three day conference in Albany. The conference was scheduled to take place before the "NY Safe Act" was even proposed.

Oneida County Sheriff Rob Maciol took part in that conference last week. Maciol says the association is all for things like safer gun storage, better mental health laws and background checks. The association also says the quick passage of the "NY Safe Act" left many holes in the law. "Certainly the one that stands out immediately to us is the one where there is no exemptions for police officers." Meaning, when the law goes into effect every cop and deputy will be violating it just by carrying their issued weapon.

The new law also makes it illegal for a cop to possess a weapon on school grounds. "There are 44 individual buildings in the 11 districts or so in Oneida County and police officers are assigned to many of them," said Maciol. "We have school resource officers in seven different districts throughout Oneida County. And to say that our deputies can not step on school grounds is wrong. We have been assured by those in Albany that this has been an oversight. If things like this aren't corrected then obviously our officers are going to be in violation of the capacity issue and they'll also be in violation when they step on school grounds."

The association also says reducing the magazine capacity isn't going to make communities any safer. "The person who is going to commit a crime or use a weapon in some illegal manner. Do you really think they are going to stop at seven? No," said Maciol. "They are going to fill that magazine up to ten. That's our concern. Not that these things shouldn't be looked at, but the way that specific section is written, it's only going to affect the law abiding citizen. When you start to closely look at the second amendment rights in this specific topic. It is such a serious matter, we have concerns that there was not a lot of time to thoroughly look at the issue at hand. Discuss the proposals not only with law enforcement but with those in the community as a whole because the second amendment rights are something that everyone treasures."

Maciol says a committee of several sheriffs is ready to sit down with the governor to address these concerns. He says Governor Cuomo has been tremendous to work with in the past and he hopes the Governor will listen to their concerns.

The "NY Safe Act" goes into effect on March 15th.

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