Oneida County Sheriff's Department receives new crime-fighting tools

By WKTV News

(WKTV) - The Oneida County Sheriff's Department has two new crime-fighting tools. One traditional, one more high-tech.

Sheriff Rob Maciol showed of a new and much-needed marked patrol car on Friday. The other new tool wasn't available for viewing yet, because it's in the mail.

It's a Smartboard, which investigators will use to store and quickly retrieve data, as well as co-ordinate major crime scenes.

According to Macol, the Smartboard will be able to link directly with Google Earth, so authorities can see live surroundings of what's going on at a major incident, as well as use for crime mapping and training.

A Justice Department grant of about $50,000 paid for the new equipment and car. New York State Sen. Joe Griffo and Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi helped secure the grant for the sheriff's department.

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