Oneida County Sheriff's Lieutenant retires, avoids prosecution

ONEIDA COUNTY, N.Y. (WKTV) - A veteran investigator with the Oneida County Sheriff's Department has resigned in place of possible criminal prosecution.

Lieutenant Brian Pfendler worked on major crimes for the department, including many high-profile murders.

The Oneida County District Attorney's office was investigating claims that he was using a work computer, during work hours, to earn an online college degree.

District Attorney Scott McNamara says Pfendler did resign this week, and at the same time, put in for retirement. However, McNamara says he doesn't know if Pfendler is eligible yet for retirement benefits.
McNamara says possible charges would have likely involved larceny and criminal misconduct. In exchange for his resignation and roughly $3,000 restitution, Pfendler will not be prosecuted.

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