Oneida County unveils disaster preparedness tool

By WKTV News

(WKTV) - The Oneida County Health Department is helping your family prepare for an emergency with a new online tool.

Recent events such as flooding and tornadoes show that even in Central New York, we may have to leave our homes in a moment's notice. And that's not the time to be collecting insurance papers and important phone numbers.

That's why the county is making it possible to be proactive with the creation of a tool that enables you to make your own personal preparedness plan online.

"Once you complete it, it takes five or 10 minutes to put your info in," said Phyllis Ellis, director of health in Oneida County. "You can save it and go back and update it as you put more materials in your kit. You're also able to download it, print it, put it on a flash drive, send it to family members outside the community so they have your information in an event you have to leave your home or property, and you would always have this information.

This guide is for your family's eyes only. There's also a checklist for what you should have in an emergency kit. The Salvation Army developed the tool, and it's similar to the one used in Boston.

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