Oneida Indian land agreement scrutinized at public forum


CLINTON, N.Y. (WKTV) - Local legislators and assembly members hosted a public forum Tuesday night educating attendees on a variety of issues pertaining to the Oneida Indian Nation and the gambling proposition.

The land agreement had speakers up in arms, including Assemblywoman, Claudia Tenney. Tenney spoke her mind and although she doesn't oppose casinos, she said the settlement is fraudulent allowing the rich to get richer at the Oneida Indians expense.

The agreement which has been approved by two counties and the state still has to pass through the federal court before it can be implemented.
Tenney spoke passionately to a crowded room of locals  about her feelings towards the agreement and what it means for Oneida Indians and Central New York, " The biggest issue is we have a gambling casino that was propped up by Washington's interest, Las Vegas casino interest and corrupt politicians I like to say... and what the problem is you have Oneida culture has been hijacked to support this huge gambling operation and remains one of the only gambling operations, probably the only one in the entire country that doesn't pay taxes or do revenue sharing."

Tenney believes this deal has already begun to destroy Central New York and will only continue too.

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