Organization makes college more accessible with College Application Week

By WKTV News

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - On Point for College, an organization that breaks down barriers that may hinder certain student's from going to college,  is hosting an Application Week, where anyone in the community can come out and work with an adviser on anything college related.

The Application Week will be held from Monday Oct. 28 through Nov. 1st as part of a national effort to ensure high school seniors apply to college and to support those who may not have have otherwise had college as an option.

On Point for College is extending its normal business hours and opening its doors from 3 p.m. Until 8 p.m. for all those interested. The advisers are trained and can help with questions from financial aid and/or finding a college that's a good fit for the individual. Each day of this week has a theme, although anyone can come at any time.

Monday, Oct. 28: GED Recipient Day
Tuesday, Oct 29: College Re-enroll Day (for students who previously stopped out of college)
Wednesday, Oct. 30: Veterans Day
Thursday, Oct 31: Refugee/Immigrant Day
Friday, Nov. 1: Open House

Kevin Marken, the Director of On Point in Utica said he hopes to see an increase in college attendance, " "On point tries to do everything possible to eliminate the challenges so that people, whatever their income level, whatever their status is whatever they are, high school refugee, everyone has the opportunity to fulfill their potential and if they want to they can go and make their dreams come true."

The organization is located at 524 Elizabeth Street in Utica. Walk-ins are welcomed. Refreshments will be provided.

Questions? Call (315) 731- 5875.

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