Organizers excited for actual winter weather at this year's Cooperstown Winter Carnival


COOPERSTOWN, N.Y. (WKTV) - As the snow poured down on Friday, it made for perfect weather for a winter carnival.

The 2013 edition of the Cooperstown Winter Carnival got underway Friday with this year's theme being "British Invasion."

A kickoff got things started Friday night at Templeton Hall. The weekend-long event is a tradition that dates back to 1967 which offers residents and tourists the chance to get out into the community and despite the threat of some serious snow, wind and cold temperatures, organizers say 'the show must go on.'

"All of our events are going on as planned," said Sarah Lewandowski, Cooperstown Winter Carnival Co-Chair. "We have tents down in Lakefront Park tomorrow, during the day, magicians, and beer tasting, snow sculpture contest."

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