Oriskany students use their hands to stand up to bullying


ORISKANY, N.Y. (WKTV) - Oriskany Jr./Sr. High School students are using their hands to take a stand against bullying.

Dozens of students dipped their hands in paint Thursday and left a handprint on a large piece of paper that read, "Short or tall, big or small, We may have a different name, but inside we are all the same."

This project is the brain child of 10th grader Megan Sliski, who organized this project on her own from start to finish. She said she wanted to make a difference and send a strong anti-bullying message to her fellow classmates.

"The mural is supposed to have every one's hand prints, without their names and that's supposed to signify that if everyone's hand prints look the same, there is no point in bullying someone just like you," said Sliski.

The principal of the school tells us bullying is an issue that is taken very seriously.

"We talk to the students and we have groups that meet and when we have issues, we deal with them harshly," said Principal F. Daniel Myers, Oriskany Jr./Sr. High School. "It is a disciplinary issue and it is unacceptable at our school."

The mural will be hung outside the cafeteria to remind students about the negative impact of bullying.

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