Otsego County Board of Representatives holds first meeting of 2012

By WKTV News

OTSEGO COUNTY, N.Y. (WKTV) - Hydrofracking will be one of the bigger issues facing lawmakers in Otsego County this year and the Board of Representatives met on Wednesday for the first time this year, voting a new chairperson for 2012.

It took seven tries, but the board finally decided on Kathy Clark, from District Three. Clark says hydrofracking is just one of several big topics the board will face this year.

"We have to deal with solid waste...what are we going to do with that? We have to deal with the telecommunications project that's going on right now," Clark said. "We're looking at the manor. How long can we sustain that? How long can we make it more profitable?"

Unless Otsego County sees mandate relief, Clark thinks the county's best bet will be to consolidate some of its services. Clark's term will last for one year.

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