Die hard golf fans weather the storm at day 1 of the Turning Stone Resort Championship


VERNON, N.Y. (WKTV) -Fans braved the pouring rain Thursday morning at the 2010 Turning Stone Resort Championship.

The sun did come out around noon, but the PGA tournament started off a little soggy. First it drizzled, then it poured.

A rain delay was called at 8:20 a.m. The green puddled and the fans waited. But many of them were patient. Friends Barrie Williams and Bryn Hughes waited out the storm. They call themselves die-hard golf fans and they came prepared with umbrellas and a lot of patience.

"I kept telling myself it will clear-up," Hughes said.

The Turning Stone Resort Championship hasn't had great luck with weather. Some fans said the rain at this year's championship is better than the weather at last year's championship. The 2009 event was held in the fall and it snowed.

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