Pacherille Sr. arraigned, Parents say other children also harassed

By WKTV News

MIDDLEFIELD, N.Y. (WKTV) - Anthony Pacherille Sr. was arraigned on misdemeanor stalking and harassment charges in the Middlefield Town Court in Otsego County on Monday night. The alleged victim is the teenage boy his son was convicted of shooting in Cooperstown last year.

Pacherille Sr. is accused of stalking Wesley Lippitt beginning in June of 2010. Pacherille Sr. was arrested July 15 and at that time was issued a restraining order to stay away from Lippitt.

Also in attendance Monday night at the arraignment were parents of other Cooperstown students. They say that other teenagers are also being harassed and stalked by Pacherille Sr. Tim Moakler says his son has been targeted both online and in person. Moakler says Pacherille Sr. started a website called "Coop Hall of Shame" and was using it to attack Lippitt and his friends. "He called our kids derelicts, drug addicts," said Moakler. "Wesley is an eagle scout. And he (Pacherille Sr.) named the ones who were sitting in the courtroom in support of Wesley."

Moakler says the website was taken down because of copyright infringement as it used the logo of the Cooperstown Baseball Hall of Fame, but the Facebook page is still active. Moakler says the harassment isn't just online. He says an incident took place this month with one of the students who is friends with Lippitt. "He tries to intimidate them," says Moakler, "One of the children was at Stewart's two weeks ago. He (Pacherille Sr.) trapped them at the gas station and wouldn't let them out while his wife was yelling profanities at him."

Moaker's wife, Beth, says there is a specific group of children that are targeted by Pacherille Sr. "It's anyone who is a classmate, a friend..a sports colleague of Wesley's, says Beth Moakler, "They haven't stopped being his friend. They've supported him and his family. The Pacherille's just won't let them heal."

Beth Moakler says her son and others have filed complaints against Pacherille Sr. If convicted on the stalking and harassment charges Pacherille Sr. faces up to three months in jail.

Anthony Pacherille Jr. was convicted of shooting Lippit and will be sentenced this Friday.

No word on if the restraining order the judge issued will affect Pacherille Sr.'s attendance at the sentencing this Friday.

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