Father of shooter in court for allegedly stalking son's victim

By WKTV News

COOPERSTOWN, N.Y.(WKTV) - The father of Anthony Pacherille is slated to be in court tonight after being accused of stalking and harassing the teenager his son shot inside the police station last year.

Police say 44-year-old Tony Pacherille was arrested Friday at his home in connection to a complaint they received from the mother of 17 year old Wesley Lippitt back in June 2010.

According to police, Lippitt's mother says her son was being followed by Mr. Pacherille in June 2010, just months after he was shot by Anthony Pacherille.

A temporary order of protection has been filed to keep Mr. Pacherille away from Lippitt.

If convicted, Mr. Pacherille faces three months in prison.

Meantime, 16-year-old Anthony Pacherille is scheduled to be sentenced in court Friday for chasing Lippitt into the village police station with a rifle and shooting him on April 2010.

Pacherille shot at Lippitt twice, hitting him once in the arm, then turned the rifle on himself and shot himself in the chin.

In a courtroom, Pacherille told the judge, "I shot Mr. Lippitt because he was African-American."

His family was not happy with the outcome, claiming the district attorney forced the teen to say those words in exchange for a lighter prison sentence.

Again, Pacherille will be back in court on July 22nd and is expected to serve 9 1/2 years in prison.

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