Utica Mayor-elect Robert Palmieri introduces transition team, says "tough budget times ahead"


UTICA, N.Y.(WKTV) - Utica's mayor-elect introduced his transition team Tuesday.

At a press conference held in the lobby of Utica's City Hall Monday morning, Mayor Elect-Robert Palmieri warned of tough budget times ahead, but said he vows to fill positions within the city with a team that will get the city through those tough times.

Palmieri will step in as mayor of Utica at the end of December.

Tuesday morning, Palmieri held a news conference to introduce a full slate of names and faces of those who will serve as his transition team.

Included in that team was Mohawk Valley Community College Department Head Frank DuRoss, who will be lending the new administration with his business expertise. Also on the team was Mohawk Valley Latino Association President Sonya Martinez.

Palmieri will also need to fill three department head positions.

He has yet to appoint a Corporation Counsel and a Community Revitalization Director. The siblings who filled those positions were escorted out of City Hall by police earlier this year, along with Palmieri. All three were fired at that time by the current Mayor, David Roefaro. At the time, Roefaro stated he wanted his administration to head into a "different direction."

Palmieri is not saying at this point whether those who were fired alongside him back then - Robert Sullivan and Linda Sullivan-Fatata - will be put back to work in their respective department head spots.

"There is no jobs that are promised at this point," Palmieri said. "My campaign was very transparent and will continue to be transparent. I've said this from the beginning and I'll say it again - I'm going to move the city forward the best I can with the people who have the same vision and passion that I have."

Palmieri says those people could include some of his many opponents in this year's record-setting, five-way mayoral race.

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