Palmieri officially announces run for Utica Mayor


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - He's been in city government for many years and now he's going for the top job.

The City of Utica's former Codes Commissioner Robert Palmieri has formally announced that he is running for mayor.

Palmieri made the announcement at his East Utica home on Wednesday, surrounded by friends, family and supporters.

"Looking at the people that are here, looking at the energy that we have, Utica, New York deserves better," Palmieri said. "And we are going to, at this point, guarantee a better city once I am elected mayor of the City of Utica."

He says his time as Codes Commissioner, Deputy Public Safety Commissioner and Weed & Seed liaison give him the background needed to improve city residents' quality of life and he plans to pursue that campaign goal aggressively.

"That's going to be my earmark from day one, January first," Palmieri said. "A quality of life sweep will now start all over again every Wednesday and it will not just be the Mayor Rob Palmieri out there. I will have the Police Chief with me. I will have the Fire Chief with me. I will have the codes commissioner with me. I will have the Urban Renewal Commissioner with me."

Palmieri will likely face Common Council President Bill Morehouse, also a democrat, in a primary for mayor.

Republicans Robert Cardillo and City Comptroller Michael Cerminaro also plan to run for mayor.

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