Parade welcomes Olympic medalist Erin Hamlin home from Sochi

By WKTV News

VERONA, N.Y. (WKTV) -- A parade stretching from Verona to Remsen welcomed home Olympic luger Erin Hamlin from Sochi, where she earned the bronze and became the first American to medal in singles luge ever.

"It's pretty awesome. Everyone from Central New York has supported me for so long and it's amazing to be able to share this with them and bring this home to the community so I'm really excited about that," said Erin Hamlin, straight off the tarmac in Syracuse.

Erin traveled from Syracuse to Verona, where the Welcome Home Parade began. Erin smiled and waved from a limousine sunroof to fans bundled and braving frigid temperatures to see their hometown hero.

"She is just so awesome we are just so proud of her, especially being from this area. I mean, who could ask for anything more? Go Erin, you are on fire!" said Mary Williams from Verona.

Check out the video to see the first part of Erin's parade!

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