Pastors, mayor, police to unite against gun violence

By WKTV News

(WKTV) - Utica police and Mayor Robert Palmieri are coming together to speak out against gun violence -- and they're taking a new approach to getting guns off the streets.

On Tuesday, they announced a new partnership with the faith-based community called Peace Through Partnership.

The Visions to Plant Coalition is a group of pastors that formed a year ago and continues to grow. Together, they will start walking the streets and say they won't stop walking or talking about curbing violence until they see a difference.

"We felt at this point, we needed to get to the streets and meet individuals unilaterally, so we can make a difference to let them know we care, to let them know the community cares, the police care," said the Rev. Hannah Burgess. "We are a community, and we want to take responsibilities for our actions."

Burgess says their mission is to educate the city's youth about the value of life and provide a brighter, violent-free future for them.

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