Peacocks in Village of Ilion expected to return home Tuesday night

By WKTV News

(WKTV) - The two peacocks roaming around the Village of Ilion for the past week will be heading home soon -- once they roost.

The Ilion Police Department has been in contact with the owner of the two birds, and while the owner's name is not being released, the peacocks will be claimed Tuesday night.

The police say the owner needs the peacocks to roost before they can be lured in. Those who see the birds are asked not to touch them.

Richard Randazzo, who owns Randy's Ridge Hobby Farm, offered insight into what neighbors have been treated to.

"They make a noise like the jungle," Randazzo said. "Their screeches only come this time of year, unless they're alarmed....they're calling for a mate. After a month or so, they're quiet."

If there is a peacock spotting, call Ilion police so they can give updates to the owner, who will be following them around Tuesday night. The owner is from just outside the village.

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