Hundreds turn out to see the Fay St. Warehouse implosion

By WKTV News

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Despite a 1,000 foot perimeter set up by the State Department of Transportation, hundreds of area residents came out to catch a glimpse of some loud booms then the Fay St. Warehouse implode.

Joe Sudakow of Mohawk says he had never seen an implosion in person and thought this was the perfect opportunity, "It's interesting, I saw it on the news and wanted to come down and see it, I have my son, so I brought him to see it."

Duke Tran who lives right around the corner from Lincoln Ave., where many came and watched from a large piece of vacant land across the street from 'The Tram'. "I know there's a lot of people been talking about it, it's a little something in Utica, and you get to see a new sight."

Megan Coleman made her way down to Utica from Barneveld, "Just to see a piece of history go down in Utica, You know. I've lived here my whole life so it Is pretty cool."

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