Personal Ponies program opens their barn for everyone


CLINTON, N.Y. (WKTV) - A therapeutic program for kids with special needs and kids of all ages, called Personal Ponies, is holding an open house this Sunday.

The non-profit group is hoping their horses can help those who need their attention the most.

Ginger's Wish Farm in Clinton, is home to three Shetland Ponies named Keenan, Kane and Maggie Rose. The miniature horses are known not only for their small size, but for their friendly disposition, especially with children.

State Director of the Personal Ponies Marcia Knapp says the animals and kids see eye to eye in more ways than one.

The ponies can be ridden, brushed, or read to, and they even like to get up close and personal once they get to know you.

The Personal Ponies Program is present in every state across the country and it doesn't cost participants a penny.

Knapp is a breast cancer survivor and a registered pediatric nurse. She says during treatment she was reading a book about horses and came across the program and knew it was a perfect fit.

Her love of horses and background work with kids led her to build a barn to house horses right in her own backyard.

Knapp says that at Ginger's Wish Farm, kids with special needs can just be kids.

"I think it's a special communication that can happen, we don't really have words for it," Knapp said. "We just call it pony magic and it just happens when kids and ponies get together."

This Sunday, Ginger's Wish Farm is holding an open house and anyone and everyone. All are welcome to come see what goes on down on the farm from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. On Sunday, September 26, 2010.

Visit the Personal Ponies website for more details.

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