Pet rescue in desperate need of hay for animals to make it through winter

By WKTV News

SHARON SPRINGS, N.Y. (WKTV) - A pet rescue in Sharon Springs is in desperate need of hay for their animals to make it through the winter.

Located on Route 10 in Sharon Springs, Forgotten Friends have been rescuing animals for more than three decades, including dogs, cats, horses, a duck, a pig, donkeys, and birds. Some of the animals are special needs animals. Organizers say they take in the animals no one wants, the ones waiting, unknowingly, who would otherwise, be euthanized if not for the intervention of Forgotten Friends.

Now, those who help the animals, are in need of some human help to continue their mission.

Joyce Urban, President of Forgotten Friends Pet Rescue says the organization is in desperate need for hay or funding to purchase hay for the horses in their care.

"The money is just not out there and we are falling way short of what we will need to get enough hay for the horses for the winter," Urban said. "Brokers are buying up the hay and trucking it out of the area, make it that much harder. We are very worried that we will not make it through the winter."

If you would like to donate hay or make a donation toward hay purchases to help the animals, you can contact Forgotten Friends at:

Forgotten Friends Pet Rescue
6930 State Route 10
Sharon Springs, NY 13459

Or reach them by phone at: 518-284-2655

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