Petition presented to try and save Otsego Manor

By WKTV News

COOPERSTOWN, N.Y. (WKTV) - A petition has been filed to save Otsego Manor, the 174 bed facility nursing home in Cooperstown.

So far, 1,534 signatures have been collected from residents across Otsego County.

One of the people helping gather support for the nursing home, is asking for the creation of a special committee made up of county residents, nursing home residents, and local experts to investigate all parts of what can be the next step for Otsego Manor.

The people who call it home suffer from a range of disabling diseases such as multiple sclerosis and dementia and the facility also serves as a short-term rehabilitation center.

In September, the Otsego County Board of Supervisors voted in favor of looking to sell the facility and the license to run it, to a private organization. However, some residents, staff, and friends of the manor say they want to find some sort of way to save it.

"I think there can be other solutions if management and the union and the county reps, if everyone can sit down at the table and think creatively," said Maureen Culbert, a support of keeping the Manor. "I think we can do something else to reconfigure the situation. There may be a way we can keep the manor."

The Board of Supervisors site the increasing costs to run the facility along with less and less Medicaid and Medicare reimbursement as the reasons to sell it.

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