Petitions gathered for NYS Education Department in three-school merger proposal; next step is October 18 vote

By WKTV News

HERKIMER COUNTY, N.Y. (WKTV) - The Commissioner of the New York State Department of Education has certified the results of the three-school school merger straw vote in Herkimer County, but before the binding vote can take place, state officials are requesting 100 signatures be turned over before the vote on October 18.

Local school officials say these signatures have already been collected.

The plan is to combine Herkimer, Mohawk and Ilion school districts into one, something voters approved during the September straw vote. Now, the proposal moves forward with the binding vote in October.

"We were just trying to alleviate any confusion that people had that really, October 18th is the important vote, and whether you're for it or against it, that's the day you have your final say," said Herkimer Interim Superintendent Gary Tutty.

Just like the straw vote, each individual district has to approve the plan for it to happen. The means it has to pass in each district (Ilion, Herkimer and Mohawk) to become official.

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