Picente confident Oneida County cyberbullying law would stand in court

By WKTV News

(WKTV) - With the way laws are written, there's a fine line between free speech and cyberbullying.

On Tuesday, New York's Highest Court ruled a law in Albany County violates freedom of speech. In that case, a teen was accused of anonymously posting pictures of classmates on Facebook with offensive details of their supposed sexual bullying.

While the court says his actions were repulsive, they were protected under the First Amendment. The concern is, what's the line in Oneida County, where a similar law was passed in November 2013.

County Executive Anthony Picente says the Oneida County law has better chances of holding up in court.

"We looked to be more specific in the areas of intent. 'Why did you put that picture up?' Is it the intent to harass and ridicule?" said Picente. "It's not about an opinion more based on harassment. That's why we feel ours is stronger in that regard."

The Oneida County Law has yet to be challenged, so it's uncertain how it would hold up in court.

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