Plans for Marcy Nano site reveal bridges, four terraces

By WKTV News

(WKTV) - The Army Corps of Engineers is expected to approve or deny a permit request next month for the Marcy Nano site.

The $45 billion chip fab plant would be in addition to the six companies coming to the SUNY IT campus for research and development.

The submitted plans show three mega factories for the plot of land in Marcy, which would feature two million square feet of space. The land has a 175-foot change in elevation, so the buildings would be on four separate terraces.

In between those buildings will be enclosed bridges, and on those bridges would be conveyor belts to move the computer chip wafers. The wafers are going to be larger, heavier and more fragile than the wafers used today.

According to Mary Rizzo-Bonney of Mohawk Valley Edge, 5,000 people would work at the facility.

The Army Corps of Engineers would need to approve the wetlands permit before anything can be built.

The original application for a permit stalled because an end user was not named for the site. A new application names the College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering as the end user.\

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