Plant care crucial during cold early spring weather

By WKTV News

WHITESBORO, N.Y. (WKTV) - Your plants do not like the cold!
According to officials at Greenscapes Garden Center, in Whitesboro when it gets below 40 degrees, protecting what you're planting becomes an essential part of the gardening process.
Their advice is to move the plants indoors, maybe to a sun room or screened-in room.
If that's not an option, covering your plants is a must.
"The best thing to use would be maybe a sheet or pillow case and you want to keep it off the plant so if you can put a stake or something in the ground just to keep it off the plant a few inches," said Mollie Wadsworth of Greenscapes. "If it is some type of fabric it can touch the plant. 
"If the only thing you have is plastic, you definitely want to keep it off of the plants"

The experts at Greenscapes said that it is still too early to plant flowers or vegetables outside, as you should wait until it is consistently above 40 degrees to do so. 

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