Poland Central School students take yearbook to the next level

By WKTV News

(WKTV) - Poland Central School took their yearbook to the next level this year by going digital with memories.

It was a lot of work for the yearbook committee, who kept it a secret from the senior class all year. The yearbook does feature paper pages, but also videos, music and apps.

"It didn't limit us to what normal yearbooks have," said Ross Agen, class president and yearbook editor. "We were able to do more and have more. And we could do more things that yearbooks usually don't, because you're limited to a certain number of pages. A lot of stuff usually gets skipped over.

While Poland students got the traditional paper yearbooks, you can go to any page, take your phone and scan a picture for more information.

For example, scanning the picture of the soccer team will take you to for video of the team winning the state championship.

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