Poland students' reading achievements have dean of students working outside


POLAND, N.Y. (WKTV) - The Dean of Students at Poland Elementary School spent Friday working outside.

Todd Manley bet his elementary school students that they couldn't read 2,300 books in March. The students did better than that, reading a total of 2,312 books.

Manley said when the bet was made, he thought there was a chance it would be nice outside. It turns out it wasn't, but he says, at least it didn't snow.

This is his first year heading up the elementary students at Poland Central.

"Actually, the kids have already asked me what are we going to do for next year," Manley said. "So, I have to come up with some different ideas."

Manley says reading is key for the growth of children in any subject, and he will come up with something to keep this tradition rolling.

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