Police: Accidental shooting at business comes dangerously close to hitting customer

ROME, N.Y. (WKTV) - Rome Police announce that two men have been arrested following an accidental shooting at a business that came dangerously close to hitting a customer.

According to authorities, 56-year-old Ricky J. Hoke and 45-year-old Edward F. Lemmon Jr. are now facing reckless endangerment charges.

While at Hoke's business, Hoke Auto Sales on Erie Boulevard, he was showing Lemmon a recently purchased handgun around 9:30 a.m.

Hoke handed Lemmon the weapon, who pointed the gun at the office wall and pulled the trigger, authorities describe.

Law enforcement officials say the bullet passed through the wall into the parking lot, passing through the sleeve and stomach area of a customer's coat. The male customer was not injured.

Rome Police Detective Commander Timothy Bates told NEWSChannel 2 that Hoke and Lemmon are friends. Bates also said the men removed the magazine from the gun but were unaware of a bullet in a chamber.

Hoke and Lemmon are scheduled to appear in Rome City Court at a later date.

The weapon, which was determined to have been possessed legally, has been secured by police.

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