Police: Ape the FBI dog was wearing bulletproof vest

By NEWSChannel 2 Staff

HERKIMER, N.Y. (WKTV) - Herkimer Police say they want to clear the air about the misconception that an FBI dog killed in a shootout with suspect Kurt Meyers wasn't wearing a bulletproof vest.

On the Herkimer Police Facebook page, authorities state that the canine known as Ape was, in fact, wearing a ballistic vest when he, other dogs, and law enforcement agencies stormed the former Glory Days bar on North Main Street in Herkimer the morning of Thursday, March 14.

State Police said that the man holed up inside the former bar, Kurt Meyers, was waiting for authorities and opened fire, hitting and killing Ape, who authorities say was protecting his human handler.

Meyers is the suspect in a shooting spree that left two people injured and four others dead before he holed himself up in the former bar for a standoff with authorities that lasted more than 20 hours.

According to the statement on the Herkimer Police Facebook page, "Ape was in fact wearing a ballistic vest during this incident. His vest was removed as Ape was transported to the vet. The vest was removed to allow the FBI Medic and his handler to perform life saving aid. K-9 vests are made from the same ballistic materials that our vests are made from. Unfortunately, ballistic vests do not stop everything."

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