Police: Blossvale man sent up red flags from beginning

By Joleen Ferris

(WKTV) - A Blossvale man is charged in his 83-year-old mother's disappearance, four days after he reported her missing. Police arrested Tomas Zavalidroga on Monday -- the same day they found his mother, Margaret Zavalidroga, deep in the woods off of Route 365a near Lowe's in Oneida.

Initially, Zavalidroga told police he was finalizing the purchase of a car, for which his mother had signed, when she vanished from the car near Nye Ford in Oneida.

"There was right from the beginning, certain information sent up some red flags. His lack of cooperation.  Information that he gave us and information that he didn't give us but as far as her being abducted, there were no signs of that," says Oneida City Police Chief David Meeker.

Meeker says Tomas Zavalidroga refused to give police a picture of his mother until Monday -- the Day they found her roughly 250 yards in the woods off of Route 365a near Lowe's in Oneida.   After police found Margaret Zavalidroga, they charged her son with falsely reporting an incident and reckless endangerment. They say he left her in the woods. Asked if investigators are looking into the possibility that Zavalidroga never wanted his mother to be found alive, Meeker said anything is possible and everything is being looked at.

The police chief says news that has his missing, elderly mother had been found didn't seem to surprise Tomas Zavalidroga.

"I don't think he was overly surprised, obviously.  Most people, if you found someone they were looking for, they'd want to rush out and see the person. He was just asking what her condition was," says Meeker.

Margaret Zavalidroga is currently hospitalized. There is an order of protection prohibiting her son from going anywhere near her.  Tomas Zavalidroga was sent to Madison County Jail on $5,000 bail.  Police say the investigation is ongoing and centers only around Zavalidroga. He's due in Madison County Court on Friday.


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