Police: Rochester-area police officer mistakes son for intruder, shoots and kills him in Old Forge Motel

OLD FORGE, N.Y. (WKTV) - State Police say a father accidentially shot and killed his son early Saturday morning in Old Forge. It happened shortly before 1am at Clark's Beach Motel.

The Town of Webb Police Department intially responded to the incident after a 911 call from a subject who stated he shot what he believed was an intruder.

Officials say Michael Leach, a police officer in Perry, NY, accidentally shot and killed his son as he returned to the hotel room. Officials say he used his department issued .45 caliber Glock handgun.

The victim has been identified as Matthew Leach, 37, of Rochester.
State Police continue to investigate the incident along with Acting Herkimer County District Attorney Jeff Carpenter.

Michael Leach is being treated at St. Luke's Hospital for a medical issue.  

So far no charges have been filed.

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