Police continue investigation of Rutger St. Homicide

By WKTV News

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - The Utica Police Department is still investigating a homicide that occurred outside of a Utica bar on Saturday morning.

The homicide happened outside of Two J's Bar on Rutger St., where the body of the victim was found in the parking lot.

Police said that it took a matter of minutes for responding officers to get to Morris St., where they interviewed the man who called 911 after hearing shots fired.

Following the interview, police began searching the neighborhood, where they eventually found a body lying in the parking lot of the bar about 14 minutes after the initial call was placed.

"Officers were walking the neighborhood as much as you can at 1:20 in the morning," said UPD spokesperson, Sgt. Steve Hauck. "The bar was still open, and there was a fair amount of people there so they started chatting with some people outside, and they started checking further.

"Almost at the same time, a vehicle pulled up, which we later found out belonged to the family members of the victim and our officers found the body at the same time the family did."

In the other car was the shooting victim's mother, Dawn Kenney-Brown, who told NewsChannel 2 that an acquaintance of her son ran to her house to let her know of the tragic news.

"They said my son was just shot, and they think he's dead because he wasn't moving," said Kenny-Brown. "So I drove up to the scene on Rutger in front of Two J's."

"It's a sad thing," said Sgt. Hauck. "No parent should have to find their child like that, so we can certainly feel for her."

Andre Oliver-Kenney was pronounced dead at the hospital, where he was transported following being discovered.

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