Police investigating homicide outside Utica bar


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Utica police say they were called to the area of Rutger St. and Morris St.  around 1:20 A.M. Saturday morning for the report of shots fired and they say while officers were checking the area of Two J's bar on Rutger St., they say they located a man lying in the parking lot, bleeding from a gunshot wound.

Police say the victim, whom they are not identifying right now was taken to St. Elizabeth Medical Center where he was pronounced dead.

Police say the bar was full at the time of the incident, and are asking anyone with information to call the Criminal Investigation Division immediately at 223-3510.

Police say all calls may be kept confidential.

Although police are not releasing the victim's name, the victim's mother reached out to News Channel 2 on Saturday to urge people that may have seen something to come forward.

Dawn Kenney-Brown says her son Andre Oliver-Kenney was a loving son and father to his own son, "He loved his family, he loved life.  For somebody to take my son's life like that, it's ridiculous."

Brown says she was woken up just before 1:30 Saturday morning, "Someone knocked on my door, they came to get me, they said my son was just shot and they think he's dead because he wasn't moving."

Kenney-Brown says she drove the short distance from her home to the scene and found her son bleeding from a gunshot wound.  She says police had not even found him yet, even though there was a police cruiser close by, "I run down there towards the cop and I'm not like why you not calling the ambulance for my son, he was like what are you talking about, we was just here because they said there was gunshots being fired.  I said my son is laying there, like he dead."

Utica Police spokesperson Sgt. Steve Hauck says the scene was chaos when several officers responded for the call of shots fired in the area of Rutger and Morris streets.

Hauck says a lot of people were leaving the bar called Two's J's and no one alerted responding officers that there was someone on the ground bleeding from a gunshot wound until Dawn did.

Police say the person who ran to Dawn's home and told her her son had been shot, should have called police and waited for them to arrive to help locate him.

Kenney-Brown says someone in or around Two J's had to have seen something, "I'm asking if anybody seen anything, heard anything, could you please contact the police or contact me."

If you were have any information about this morning's shooting, you are asked to call Utica Police immediately at (315) 223-3510.

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