Utica Police investigating whether recent shootings are related


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - The city of Utica had nine incidents of shots fired up to this point last August. So far this August, Utica Police have responded to 21 shots fired; an average of more than one a day.

In addition to the overwhelming sheer volume, police are also finding themselves up against witnesses and victims who have eyes that see nothing, and ears that hear nothing.

"They generally tell you nothing. They don't want to cooperate. They don't know who did it, they didn't see anything. That's usually what you get," says Sgt. Steve Hauck of UPD.

Hauck says that's often a sign that those involved want to 'take care of it themselves', meaning more violence may follow. Hauck says police are looking into whether all the shots fired incidents could be related or retaliatory.

From Friday, August 10 to Friday, August 17 there were 11 such incidents, scattered throughout the city.

On Tuesday, someone fired shots into a house on Saratoga Street in west Utica. Early Thursday, someone fired 11 rounds into "Two Js Bar" on Rutger Street.

Later that day, someone fired into a barber shop at the corner of Steuben and James Street. No one was injured.

No arrests have been made.

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