Police presence beefed up at Proctor after Wednesday's fight

By Gary Liberatore

Six Proctor High School students were arrested Wednesday afternoon after a fight broke out near the bus line at dismissal. 

They were all charged with disorderly conduct, and on Thursday, the district -- along with the Utica Police Department -- beefed up their presence to not only help prevent any further fights, but to let students know that fighting on or off school grounds will not be tolerated.

Utica School District's Head of Security John Syrontynski says the incident on Wednesday was under control within two and a half minutes.  He says the quick break up was thanks to the school's security personnel that are on hand everyday at Proctor, along with the five uniformed Utica Police SROs, or school resource officers assigned specifically to Proctor. 

Syrontynski says the actions of other students was also key to this incident not becoming bigger.

"In addition, I would like to thank the upwards of the other 1,000  students who were waiting on their buses and boarded for not getting involved in the altercation," he said.

A Utica police officer injured an ankle when responding while trying to get through the crowd of about 50 other students who were in close proximity to the fight.

Syrontynski says there was a larger visible police presence both upon entry to school Thursday morning and well as at dismissal time. He says the presence will continue.

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