Police say 17 stolen guns pose public safety concern


DOLGEVILLE, N.Y. (WKTV) -- The chief of the Dolgeville Police is warning of a major safety concern after 19 guns and several hundred rounds of ammunition are stolen from a home in Dolgeville.

Dolgeville Police Chief Richard Congdon says the Howard Street burglary is the largest he's seen in 30 years. They say 26-year-old Timothy Moore allegedly stole $50,000 worth of goods.

Police have since recovered two guns, a slew of World War II swastika memorabilia and a third of the victim's gold and silver coin collection. But, much is still missing, including an assault rifle with a high capacity magazine.

"I'm really concerned that if this got into the wrong hands and somebody wanted to do some harm they could with that weapon," said Chief Congdon.

Police are asking the public to become familiar with the stolen goods they've recovered and to call them immediately if they come across anything familiar. They hope this will help them recover the rest of the property.

"In 1937 our victim's dad took him to an All-Star game and he got the signatures of all the All Stars, one of them being Babe Ruth. That ball's still missing," said Chief Congdon.

Moore is locked up at the Herkimer County Jail, but police are searching for more suspects. It's putting the victim's neighbor on edge.

"There's only the driveway between and for years my doors were never locked, never ever. But everything's locked now, but it's unnerving," said Mosher.

Police hope to calm Shirley's nerves as well as other homeowners by offering a program. If you sign up, officers will check on your house while you're out of town.

"Knowing what happened to our homeowner, it's invaluable because we're going to send an officer to check and we may have been able to find this sooner," said Chief Congdon.

If you have any information, contact the Dolgeville Police immediately at (315) 429-8231.

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