Politics over process? One local election commissioner's nomination raises questions


WHITESBORO, N.Y. (WKTV) - The Oneida County Republican Committee nominated Rose Grimaldi as the new Election Commissioner Wednesday. However the nomination is bringing dissent. Some legislators feel politics got in the way of following the typical process.

Grimaldi, who is currently the Majority Analyst for the Board of Legislators, received 72.6 % of votes at the county's Republican Committee meeting in Whitesboro Wednesday night.

While Grimaldi was happy with the party's support, Pamela Mandryck, the current commissioner, felt what happened was unfair.

"It's entirely what I anticipated, there's been a great deal of phone calling and discussions in offices," said Mandryck. "So this is exactly what I anticipated."

Mandryck felt the vote was held early, before the primaries, to have the current committee vote and get her out.

"Well it's unfortunate that the process isn't allowed to be conducted correctly, as it has currently been conducted," said Mandryck. "You know that's unfortunate and doesn't lead a very good taste in a lot of peoples mouths."

Leaving the meeting, some legislators agreed, wondering why the vote was held earlier than usual and if politics was at play. However, Grimaldi disagreed.

"I think the process did work itself out," said Grimaldi. "The County Chairman called a meeting and so I was told when the meeting was, when the vote was, and I believe that the process was done correctly."

Grimaldi now looks forward to the future, and putting any opinions aside.

"Very happy, I'm very grateful for the people who voted for me and supported me," said Grimaldi. "Although I know there are people that did not support me and did not vote for me, I'm hoping that as I said earlier that I will gain their trust and their confidence."

The vote will now go before Oneida County's full board of legislators to decide whether or not Rose Grimaldi will be the next Republican Election Commissioner. If appointed, her term would not still not start until January 2013.

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