Popular Lebanese deli Toma's closing

By WKTV News

(WKTV) - A popular Lebanese deli in East Utica is closing its doors after a quarter century in business.

Toma's on Mohawk Street made items such as grape leaves, hummus and tabouli household words in East Utica.

But little by little, a sluggish economy has been chipping away at their customer base. People just don't have the money to eat out as much anymore.

The regulars we spoke with today are heartbroken, including a couple who visits the deli daily for toast and coffee.

"We've been coming here, what? Four? Five years?" said Rose Zacek, a Toma's regular. "We come here seven days a week. And everybody in here...we know everybody's name. You know like that bar where everybody knows your name? That's what it's like here."

The owner says Toma's will close its doors Friday or Saturday.


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