Portions of new, NY gun laws go into effect


April 15 was not only Tax Day, it also marked the day that several key measures of New York State's new gun laws took effect.

One of the biggest measures that went into action Monday was that anyone with a firearm that has now been re-classified as an assault weapon can now begin to register them.

Oneida County Undersheriff Robert Swenskowski said that while gun owners can start registering those re-classified guns as of Monday, they must have them registered by this date, next year, creating a one-year window for it to be done.

As of Monday, New York State gun owners are now required to limit the ammunition in magazines to seven bullets, with the exception of at competitions or firing ranges. The state affiliate of the National Rifle Association plans to go to court Monday in Albany to try and block the magazine limit. It also has a federal lawsuit pending.

Undersheriff Swenskowski says the Oneida County Sheriff's Department is one of more than 50 Sheriff's Departments across the state to have formally asked Governor Andrew Cuomo to repeal the New York SAFE Act.

"We're absolutely opposed to parts of this act that are restricting law abiding citizens," Undersheriff Swenskowski said. "We have been very vocal about the community of the sheriff's office, throughout our community of Oneida County. There's just nothing that, any type of information or data that we've seen compiled that shows that restricting people that are lawfully owning these weapons and using them in the capacity that they are allowed to is going to benefit the society as a whole."

Another large part of the New York SAFE Act is the background checks on ammunition sales, but that portion of the law does not go into effect for another year. The Undersheriff says this one year grace period should give time for all of the legal challenges regarding the New York SAFE Act to play out in court, adding that while he believes there are some good points to the SAFE Act, he and Oneida County Sheriff Robert Maciol, believe other points should not be instituted.

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