Possible puppy mill busted in Montgomery County


FORT PLAIN, N.Y. (WKTV) - State Police are investigating a possible puppy mill on Route 5S in Fort Plain. Multiple police agencies were on the scene Wednesday night at the barn between Sanders Road and Airport Road in Fort Plain where neighbors say dozens of dogs were living.

A puppy mill is a farm that has numerous dogs in cages for the purpose of constant breeding. Often times, the animals are malnourished..

The barn appeared to be rundown with many windows missing or broken and numerous dogs heard barking inside.

"A friend of mine just told me that he heard a bunch of pitbulls barking every night so they called the cops like every night or every other night and I guess they just got busted with like 10 to 15 dogs that were being mistreated," said Justin Wallis of nearby Nelliston who's friend lives next door to the barn. "Four or five puppies that were out back in a kennel, a Doberman, and a few more pitbulls inside."

Similar stories were sent to NEWSChannel 2 by concerned community members, one email reported that as many as 50 dogs were living inside.

State Police have yet to comment on the investigation.

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